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Analysis and diagnosis of electrical system

Analysis and diagnosis of the cause of an accident or potential fault occurrence is conducted by using the SKM program to calculate various electrical values of equipment and/or systems, suggesting the best operational alternatives

Relay Coordination

Relay Protection Coordination means that downstream devices (breakers/fuses) should be activated before upstream devices. This minimizes the portion of the system affected by a fault or other disruption. At the substation level, feeder breakers should trip before the main breaker. Likewise, downstream panel breakers should trip before the substation feeder supplying the panel.

Short circuit and coordination study is designed not only to protect the equipment, but also to save lives. The correct interrupting rating is critical for safe, economical, and efficient operation of any electrical distribution system.

Arc Flash Study

An electric arc or an arcing fault is a flashover of electric current through the air in electrical equipment from one exposed live conductor to another or to the ground. Arc flash hazard is the danger of excessive heat exposure and serious burn injury due to arcing faults in electrical power systems.
The purpose of this study is to "prevent workers from injury or death," "avoid lawsuit expenses," "minimize system downtime and damage on equipment," "‘comply with codes and safety regulations," and to ‘"meet insurance requirements," etc.
Based on Arc Flash Calculation, it is recommended that workers should wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment.