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Design & Supervision

Design service

Design service from ET Link includes design for system both for new buildings and building extensions.
Conditions of the construction site are fully reflected in basic drawings and shop drawings, helping customers construct more reliable and practical electrical/mechanical systems.

Supervision service

Supervisory services provided by ET Link include technical guidance on quality control, construction control and safety control in the construction of electrical/mechanical systems, which ensures that customers' requirements and design intent are better reflected in the electrical system.

  1. 1. Supervision during the commencement stage
    • Review of design documents and
      commencement documents.
    • Meeting with persons concerned
    • Check licensing work and procedure
  2. 2. Supervision during the construction phase
    • Review of construction plan and shop drawings
    • Confirm construction by measuring and
    • Control of quality, safety, process, and
    • Design change and contracted price adjustment
    • Inspection of already established systems
  3. 3. Completion phase
    • Check before use by Korea Electrical Safety Corp